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Quotations by Dennis Potter

Autobiography is the cheapest, nastiest, literary form: I think only biography beats it. It’s very interesting that they are the two most popular literary forms at the moment.

Singing is in a line of descent from the psalms, a way of puncturing reality, the ordered structure of things as they are. As soon as we start to sing, dance, remember, things are not as they are. We are no longer just gathering in the hay, as it were. It’s a weird thing to do — a non-animal-like thing to do. The angel in us.

When we’re young we feel “the bright shoots of everlastingness” but later we laugh at that, and we laugh tenderly. We laugh with a mixture of awe and regret, because we know it cannot be sustained. But if we lose it altogether then we lose something essential, we lose the bud in the flower, we lose the possibilities of regeneration.